First Class Cars understands and appreciates just how busy a PA’s life can be, which is why it offers support to make your life as easy as possible. This is the basic information we will need to know to organise your ground transportation and provide the appropriate vehicle…

• How many passengers are travelling?

• How much luggage do they have?

• Will they need to meet transfers?

Smart phone tracking and passenger information

Using a Smartphone App we can advise you of the progress of chauffeur and passenger by either text or email, so that at each stage of the journey you are fully informed;

•That the vehicle has been despatched and is ‘en route’

•That the vehicle has reached the pick up location

•That the passenger is on board

•That the passenger has reached the destination

First Class Cars also provides ground transportation worldwide via it’s affiliates in Europe and the USA. Please call us for further details or to help plan your itinerary,

For further information email;

or call 0207 475 7070 and let us do the rest

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